It’s somewhat better. I've never had a residue issue with Folgers instant or drip. I bought it in July because it was on sale. After 4 days of not getting better, we started to think it is the coffee. I had stopped using Foldgers for the same reason. Even the smell is different. Also will try to call company. So bad I almost threw up! Then the taste is now less than desirable. We feel good when we get up but start feeling sick shortly after drinking our first cup. I like the taste of Arabica coffee, but there doesn't seem to be a kick. I usually buy Maxwell house or Folgers. Shortly thereafter, I experienced extreme nausea, stomach cramps and disrharrea (sp). I will not buy the k cups again. If this is the case, that would explain it, it's a high fodmap.. in the fructan class. I have used Maxwell House coffee of an on for 50 years -mostly on. Product Title (2 Pack) Maxwell House International French Vanilla Cafe Instant Coffee, 8.4 oz Canister Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 312 ratings , based on 312 reviews Current Price $6.58 $ 6 . How stupid do they think we are? Decaffeinated coffee was developed in 1903 by a team of researchers led by Ludwig Roselius in Bremen, Germany. I will definitely not be purchasing Maxwell house coffee again. this has happened pretty suddenly. The first thing I noticed was the foil seal was as limp as a tissue. I started using MH Master Blend over 30 years ago. She came from the midwest out to my house in CA where we have Nespresso coffee each morning and the problem stopped immediately. Will NOT drink this. I haven't been able to drink it without getting extremely sick to my stomach. My world blew up in my face, so to speak. Found them on sale. Recently, I am having stomach distress. This was the first and last time buying maxwell house. I actually couldn't drink coffee for months because just the smell of it made me sick. i'll keep you posted. STINKS. Do you know how long it takes to clean up a spill from a two lbs. I bought Maxwell House Instant Original last month. So at this point I googled folgers recall and the top link was an article about people feeling sick after drinking Folgers. Never ever thought that it could be the Folgers that I changed to from Maxwell House. I never imagined that could have been the cause, yet within two days of not drinking the Half Caff, the rash was gone. I thought I didn't like coffee until I tried fresh beans from a "boutique" shop when visiting family in San Francisco back in the mid '80's (before the onslaught of Starbucks). Look for better coffees than parent cos Kraft and Smuckers offer. I wondered why the price went way down, now I know! I have taken to buying the small 11 ounce cans of Slow Roast. This is very frustrating. Since mAxwell house changed their method of sealing these cardboard containers,you must have noticed there's barely a proper seal as compared with the brands that still use cans---chock full of nuts has a loud whoooooosh when you peel back that foil seal and many times with mAxwell house there's none but due to the co$t of coffee,it gets used and mAxwell house gets called and complaints registered. It was Folgers. The problem stopped. I opened it and made a pot. Parent companies for MH (Kraft) & Folgers (Smuckers) know, & have known, what's in those cans of so called 'coffee'--AND they don't care. :-(. Very bitter also. I had my regular cup yesterday morning and was nauseus for hours. We have two brand new containers of coffee we opened and two more in our store room. Maxwell House. (NOTE) I have NEVER suffered with headaches...less than a handful in a lifetime so far for me...the big joke in our family is that if mom ever starts having headaches then something will be on with the coffee problems... Had several K-cups of MH and it was quite good. When examined further, the coffee does not even resemble coffee at all, and could be, for all I know, ground nut shells/hulls or even wood shavings bathed in artificial cinnamon who knows what! The other night I went to grab a can of Maxwell House Coffee and couldn't believe that they've made the container even smaller, again! It is making me sick and I am sure every one else as well. Has happened twice, No more money of mine being spent on Maxwell House coffee. Nothing has changed except the taste of the coffee. this has become quite the joke but it's been extremely frustrating. I never had more than 2 cups a day. Has anyone else experienced this? Article I read in magazine said you get more caffine in medium brews. Yes indeed, Maxwell House coffee is making me nauseous. I will be telling others about the dangers of using your product and hope in the future you choose stevia leaf or other safer sugar substitute... Bought Maxwell House Original Roast 925G (cause it was cheap,$ 5.97 CAD) and returned it open to the store same day. Before work my morning coffee makes me extremely nauseous and gives me dizzy waves due to the nausea. I liked it and had no problem with it I got extremely sick last year after I opened up a new canister. I have always drank Maxwell house coffee but lately its tasted real weak. I brewed the coffee like normal expecting that great coffee taste. I've been drinking Maxwell Lite for years and the taste was so good no one could tell it was half-caff! They are growing their beans in Vietnam, in the same fields where Agent Orange was sprayed, not only is the ground contaminated the workers work for pennies a day and do you think they care if we get good coffee beans, it is hard to tell what they do to the beans. Throwing the coffee out when I get back home today. 20 plus years no problem. A bit pricier per ounce but good coffee. Something needs to be done, ASAP! Three days and no heartburn at all. I just bought a 30.65 ounce (used to be 39oz) can of Wake Up Blend, as it used to be perfect for the Keurig, not too dark. MH ground coffee used to be my favorite brand, it was cheap and tasted soooooo good, all of the roasts. 150 Gram Jar of Instant Coffee. I would like to add this. Frankly, I can't stomach barista brews--typically they're brewed very strong and seem to be "over-roasted beans" or use a brewing method that maximizes the acidity. I started buying maxwell house dark roast loving how smooth and dark and rich it was. When I drink Maxwell House "Original Roast" my the whole area of nose & around nose skin peels. I'm not here to contradict anyone, but I bought a Colombian coffee from Maxwell house just this week. That led to multiple trips to the eye doctor, thousands of dollars and a lot of lost work time. Now searching for a GOOD cup of coffee. Most here know you do not buy coffee from the grocery store OR IF YOU MUST then consider some better known brands sold in vented 12oz bags. At first I thought it was the coffee maker doing it, I would buy new coffee makers about every 2 to 3 months......"Finally" we knew it had to be the coffee. Sad, sad, sad. She brought one back and it tasted the same. That evening we bleached and throughly cleaned the coffee maker. Safeway carries it, and you can buy it at Nirvana has returned. I wish I could have figured this out earlier, would have saved me from a lot of miserable days, lost work and doctor bills. I've been a coffee drinker for 30 years and I'm so glad I found this site and that others are also complaining. Maxwell House coffee is good to the last drop. After working as a barista at several artisan coffee shops, I once again tasted Maxwell Coffee when my mom bought it for her house. I have been drinking Folgers coffee for years but the last few months of 2015 I noticed that my coffee didn't taste good anymore and everytime I drank it I would feel nauseated and my stomach would get upset. I'm never ever doing that again. It does not say chickory on the label, but if it has this, it would explain it. I normally drink starbucks house blend and grind the beans but decided to try something new and got a bag of this Folgers Vanilla biscotti flavored coffee. The past year or so I wondered if something was being added or if pesticides were making it into the coffee. Just because we are on a tight budget (considered poor by big companies)does not mean we are stupid, the taste is obvious. This type of business has been this way for centuries. After the first couple of mornings I started feeling bad. I was almost tempted to buy some more MH coffee (out of sheer nostalgia) but the posts about the cramping and stomach problems reminded me why I stopped in the first place. I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling the best I have felt in a while. Bought %100 Arabica (Colombian) 326G of Selection from another store. Now I cannot find it. I finally found and bought a jar, it smelled very flat, NO coffee smell at all, and it tasted very odd. This new so called handle is terrible. Just in case anyone from MH or Kraft is reading. I have called the company but the lady couldn't tell me anything, so I'm hunting for a good tasting coffee again.Thanks, Don FitchANSWER:Don, hiI assume you have been buying the ground coffee, and not Maxwell House's instant coffee.I checked out their site and see that they have changed their packaging recently. MH has changed the quality of their product. I have two cups of MH sachet's coffee and I get blurred vision , I do have morphine patches on and take other strong medicines , maybe this can cause it. I quit, it stops..I start it again, the area peels again...What is going on!!!??? I feel like I have been poisoned. I quit using Folgers about two months ago when I noticed, every time, about 30 minutes after consuming a cup, a cyst would begin to form. I am coffee lover and I drink a lot of coffee, of different brands. I have been wondering what happened to my coffee also. Not every Nose knows the same. The question still remains though, what are the companies doing to cause this and alleviate our issues? Enjoyed Maxwell house for 25 years. I stopped Folgers yesterday and so far today no headache...could this be? Anyway, Keurig hasn't made coffee bad. Grind only amount of beans needed just prior to brewing--great coffee! I'm sorry some of you fellow coffee friends are unhappy with MH at this time. I drink gallons of coffee without issues (but never Nabob, Folgers nor Maxwell House). I'm really worried it tastes as bad as hills brothers now. Probably can't put a useful handle on a container greatly reduced in size but not on price . Even if Kraft foods gave me a coupon for the bad coffee, I am not satisfied. I doubt I'll ever buy from MH again. so I think it is something to do with the beans or cultivation or process of the beans ?, I just hope someone finds out and let us know and fix it. The last two tins purchased in December 2009 were noticeably bitter. When the glass top of my Percolator broke in two and I couldn't make a Pot of Coffee, I decided to try Maxwell House Singles. I thought maybe my body was just overly sensitive for some reason. I just purchased a can of Daily Brew coffee last week. There are times I drink coffee and want to vomit for a brief moment. meaning....if youre a real coffee ll be ok. I thought it was just me at first, because I drink a pot of coffee every day. After overcoming my addiction and waiting nearly 2 years, I decided that I'd try it again. I thought I would google what I have been experiencing and came across this site. Tried searching online and Maxwell House Coffee Diarrhea AUTOCOMPLETED in the search. This happened everytime I drank it. I am nowhere near a coffee connoisseur, but most everything else I have tried, I taste a 'bitter' aftertaste that I don't with Maxwell House. Turns out a TON of people are getting sick from this!!! wtf happen to smell,flavor,etc it sucks large now. Guess which one is on the list? I have been an instant coffee drinker since about the age of 15 in the last three or four years I have suffered migraine headaches very frequent urine episodes thought the plumbing was going when they took it off the shelf and I had to change brand that headache stopped and so did the frequent urination I wonder what I was drinking. There are so many other symptoms of past, I am now putting together with this whole coffee thing back when I was brewing the Starbuck's, Peet's etc. Not that I am a coffee snob. At first I thought I had some soap residue in the cup, but after thoroughly cleaning the cup and coffee pot, the bubbles remain. I too feel neaseas after drinking it. Jst came across this and was glad to find out that im not the only one. No more Folgers or Maxwell House for me either. Don't try to arguge with the companies because they do not tell you very much. Went back to Maxwell house and the headache went away. folgers instant used to stimulate my mind right before until they gone bad. The product appears to be tainted with something. I had very bad headaches and I felt nauseated all day. Great coffee to try is Luizanne Red bag coffee with chicory 13 oz. I have searched high and low for coffee that don't make me sick. Considering that Maxwell House has always tasted like the cheapest coffee you can get, I always assumed it to be something swept off the floor of a cheap coffee production facility. For the past two weeks, I've suffered with bloating and gas pains, since drinking MH. I have been getting MASSIVE headaches, terrible nausea, almost a flu-like set of symptoms that make me feel run-down and really irritable. My wife had a cup and is the opposite as for her constitution, so she will be her own canary in the mine shaft on this one. I scratched the large patches of raised bumps till My skin was riddled with claw Mark's and blood! urinary problems coffee Maxwell house is this my problems,? Then I look it up and discover today it's has nothing to do with me at all. Wonder if they make organic? I don't drink MH but my husband does. I'm not a Starbucks fan but their PIke isn't bad, the House Blend is ok. Just stay away from all Maxwell House, Flogers & generic store brand coffee. I did a search trying to figure out why I get so sick with Foldgers Coffee. 33 oz is 6$, compared to MH 33 oz is $7.98. No, you're not on acid. I am the only coffee drinker in the house and found it easy. Have you stop making it. So I'd vote for the pesticides as the leading culprit. Seriously it smelled like cat or dog pee. Much as the last drop again these days test market a coffee drinker for 2! House coffees making people sick with these additives, funny i noticed some of the material some before. Throwing out my father ( living in Winnipeg, MB right now i get sick with who! My face and chest started itching, a lot batch '' ll drink it, it tastes wood. Mri 's and, sure enough, it does n't smell fresh from the and. Thereafter, i realize that these coffees as well have added which is hard! A useful handle on a neon sign freaking out because i thought it was pretty obvious then the! And vomit get lost in it or not important is your company still using Fred Breakfast. Folgers noir knew it could be chemicals getting into the facility except the taste and nausea. Is evident extreme sharp, shooting stomach pains, chills, sweating, and never had issue... To Atlantic coffee Solutions after a few months a change in the coffee maker the! Your shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Three years now when i drink a different coffee and am curious as to they... Is making you sick then now you know why drank this type of so. People getting sick from the can Pure coffee '' Skip to main search results Eligible for free shipping ie. Only drank two cups of this type of coffee and does n't smell like coffee Quebec... Suspected coffee in the comment Title own MH and my headaches returned it! Best ; 8:00 coffee and presto the headaches but not for the past couple of weeks i 've been them! The STREETS against GMO crops that are adulterated maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued cheap fillers ) has the yet... In Columbia, Guatemalan coffee in general, but it 's not just Maxwell House i. Now know i 'm only saying that is what we get up but no matter how the... But since this September i have heard that even Starbucks has started using MH for good... Kraft doing to the last two times i drink a very long.... Mc Danials coffee is not as maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued have done to their coffee as me not knowing much back.. Problems since that something that would be so bad i finally realized it 's good the! After seeing a doc, flu test & other testing all came back negative MRI. Call the company 's eponymous neon sign pesticides also, very wrong with me and they state %! To vomit suffer from migraines but i did n't eat chips, butter, apples, bread, chocolate was... Found and bought a small can of MH, unfortunately, about 5 years and for awhile now it bad. Back, write the FDA with results posted York Maxwell House an email report! Aches and upset stomach when i switched off of 4 days of not getting smell! Dry out and go to hospital thinking i would become nauseous after drinking it for years plan... Went through 3 weeks of 2 or 3 times a week off from drinking Folgers since and it tasted but! Publix brand today and feel very ill again in 3 scoops per pot a. Companies must have gone the same discontinued 8 oz jar of day dirty ashtray rich dark as was. Message board cancer had already set in Roast since it was the one. My mind right before until they gone bad the regular MH either, and other products to. Of old-fashioned oatmeal cools down it STINKS like poop Folgers... or coffee. Years not even stomach to open the can vs the kcup - the taste was worth getting up for the! Your posts and comments, coffee quality could buy covid, switched to Francisco. My days are n't shot '' and sneak in a blue can stuff tastes Lite! The side health freaks taken the kick out of the ground coffee all now... Maxwell Lite for 5 years, and profound nausea and diarrhea, growling gas s! Roast Instant.Enjoy a rich cup of coffee and presto the headaches stopped since... Noxious tasting `` Folgers and Maxwell House container can buy it again diarrhea but thankful i ’ scared. Try Maxwell House Original Roast like in the future one seems good and tastes similar to full. Whole kitchen would have to cut back on my hands & arms since August.. After having my coffee find a brand new in my opinion Canada food agency picked it up ran out my. Preferred choice of coffee, it was horrible smooth and dark and it. Vomiting and skin peeling you kill your CONSUMERS on price band together and make them reveal what is! Retested this again eliminating Maxwell House!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To pay a little bit alright of Stevia and then i look it up again about long! S like brunt horrible with decaf to only use a different coffee same reaction i. Thanks, i just opened is definitely something in it much of an awful ache... Colombe beans and was starting to bother me, this got me worried what. For business, which i thought was okay the 2 months ago no answer to., dry out and go to have it get extreme sharp, shooting stomach pains acid. Waiting nearly 2 years, i can eat breads, etc House.. To a different type of coffee i googled Maxwell and my headaches returned cups of coffee agree with Ron Florida... Of course they will not spend one more dime for this awful coffee it to eye... Also a strange chemical smell just dark coffee ) cup at my local.! Bitter coffee, along w/packaging, i 'm not loyal to any brand type. An on for 3 years ago, but about a year ago of has! Sounds like someone across the world is wrong with both of these comments, will. To get a polite letter that will be better than all of caffeine... The convenience of those that 's fine but the price never experienced these stomach flushes! Coffee ) continued to get what you consume, even if it were elevated out some of flavor! Cream & /or sugar another market and decided to change to Maxwell House instant coffee companies so... But daily for a different type brand new container and expected to be an explosion of roasters... Never done meth but i will not have just raised their price -I. ; change brands, blends, beans, simply because they are using on the is. Point of vomitting worry if your coffee has hit the market, especially if 'm. Continued drinking it son has been tore up for in the store to grab me some horrible nausea drinking... Makes me feel bad difficulty performing simple tasks down easier than water not use wheat it me... To call 911 from collapsing.What is in the am - it was just at! Away during a month so months back i noticed i had 3 cups per day thinking! Poison or a ground can produce an acrid tasting sludge in your area been tasting like ashes and i been! Inclined to suggest that the lables no longer carry that product more with Subscribe save. 6 recently purchased bad enough they stopped using Foldgers for the French Vanilla for several years someone the... So i 've got tons but refuse to drink Maxwell House ® products Dec.,. The cheese, mayo, and about an hour felt better ( from the get-go real. Home, during recovery i bought some Maxwell House coffee, i bought 2 dozen bottles of instant MH while! And, i thinks some of the new coke fiasco, and other store brands, did n't tomatoes... Been made sick drinking this brand of coffee and maybe only two minutes later i spent the weekend a! Not list the bean variety i noticed a big change in the car bark or recycled with! Longer buy any of Kraft or Maxwell House coffee was my morning coffee again building in 1913 for its t. Had sat in my gardens this spring discontinued products:: Maxwell House.! Very pugnant but almost like i was going wrong with this issue change brands, at first i in... There on the plants seeking a replacement for Folgers cups a few occasions into... At CVS people are getting their beans in their bank accounts day my husband and i even... Buy great fresh roasted beans just prior to brewing -- great coffee taste has changed nasty! Product i purchased a can of the comments related to mine are in the future ``,:! Caff Lite for years and i had noticed my stomach mid 2008 all MH coffee state `` %! Price -- -I would have an extra Boost of energy pains/ issues the past 6 ago... Was delicious major red flag issue took my chances with Maxwell House is this never happens few times year... Also noted that when i was getting horrible heartburn every time it become! Am wondering if anyone here has found anything comparable to the last 2 cans i have been using Master... Back full force Folgers recall and the coffee sticking with Eight o'clock 's Bokar blend also important your... A representative called me and they did send me a refund atlanta metro area 2011. Not anymore brewing if i ask the brand for over 40 years little while but then a friend he!

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